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Stefan is an internationally renowned Crypto Investor, Trader, Public Speaker and Business Analyst at a Multi-Billion Multinational with over 3 years of experience helping people in the Crypto Space. Being the founder of several Start-ups, he is the co-founder of RB-30. A complete platform to Financial Freedom that integrates Education, Personal Transformation, and Exclusive Mastermind groups to help you master your Finances.


Thinh is a full-time Day-Trader and expert at Technically Analyzing both the Crypto and Forex markets. He has quit his job, co-founded RB-30 and now earns his living by trading and coaching others from all over the world. With over 5 years of fundamental and technical skills he has mastered the market and is sharing his knowledge and experience with over thousands of people to help them master their Finances.

 I was blown away by Stefan & Thinh's in-depth knowledge of Cryptocurrency Trading and Cryptocurrencies as a disruptive technology...

​​​​​​​They are both also fantastic instructors and coaches, and one of the few people I rely on when it comes to Trading and analysing the Crypto market  

Richard Marshall - Trader